Project Name:  Data Collection of Education Census and Building Details with Educational Institutions of Aj&K
Name of Client:
Department of Elementary & Secondary Education Azad Governmetn of The State of Jammu & Kashmir

Office of Secreatry E&S Education Dhairman DPC, Block #10, New Secratariat Muzaffarabad Aj&K

Description of Project: 
Taaleem Foundation was engaged with E&SEducation Department AJ&K to perform schools survey and collect data on school Census & HR Form, perform proper quality audit, indexing of filled forms after endorsement from Schools Head Teacher, areas and District Education Offices

The organization performed following major activities :

  • Preparation of data collection plan.
  • Proper Supervision and quality control measured should be adopted to ensure that the data collected in accurate and present true picture.
  • Necessary arrangements for collecting GIS coordinates and pictorial evidence to prove that data has been collected from the source.

Coordination with School Management, Area Education Offices and District Education Offices, for sharing survey plans and there or endorsement of each filed form by respective education Managers.

Services Provided:


  • Collect data of vital land record, human resource and building details of all public sector educational institutions in AJ&K after completing the prescribed pro-forma by visiting each institute
  • Prepare and submit schedule of site visit of each school for data collection and after approval from Project Team
  • Keep close liaison with Project Team and EMIS Directorate for day to day project activities
  • Capture and provide the pictures of each institute building level wise (i.e. primary/ masjid, middle, high, higher secondary) along with GPS coordinates and the visitor image.
  • Deploy the necessary staff for site visit in each district of AJ&K for collection of land record and buildings details.
  • Supervise all operation on behalf of the department and ensure that the work of field staff carried out in accordance with the agreed implementation schedule
  • Provide a certificate from Head of concern institute with final document which will be countersigned by the District Education Officer (DEO)
  • Ensure the work is in accordance with the program implementation schedule
  • Keep the department advised continuously as to work progress.
  • Inform the department about the necessary measures to be taken to avoid any kind of delay of the project
  • Certify the all work done by field staff on monthly basis, and forward to the department for arranging payment in accordance with the contract agreement
  • Keep accurate records of all schools that work carried out
  • Convene meetings with DEOs/AEOs on monthly basis to discuss and resolve any pertinent problem
  • Keep the department informed on the progress of the achievements along with photograph records of schools, and all budgetary and financial matters pertaining to the project
  • Participate in the quarterly meeting under the chairmanship of Secretary Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Prepare and devise mechanism for sharing a daily progress report specifying the number of schools surveyed, data collection for Schools and Human Resource, Completed this week, total, total target and balance.
  • Collect required number of School and HR Forms from the Office of Director EMIS.
  • Retain and store the completed questionnaires in a manner which protect confidentiality

Share hard copy with major stakeholders i.e. Secretariat E&S Education, Directorates, District Administration of E&S Education and head of concern schools.