Taaleem Foundation Grammar School System is a women-run set-up. It is an educational and research project of the Foundation, which comprises a chain of co-education, high quality  English medium schools with ‘all female faculty’ in the rural districts of Balochistan. All these schools have solar power generation and back up for supporting “e-School” solution, using modern technologies and innovative approach to syllabi. There is paradigm shift from traditional schooling to SLO (Student’s Learning Outcome) based teaching methodology with the help of customized LMS (Learning Management System) and CBTS (Computer Based Testing Service). All schools are interconnected through ERP and video conferencing network for online classes. Taaleem Foundation also runs a private virtual campus of Virtual University Lahore, at TF Education Complex in Sui.

Education only, can change our destiny…….. 

Our Schools

  • TF Grammar Schools
  • Affiliate Schools
  • e-School Franchise

Our Institutions

Taaleem Foundation is promoting educational and research activities by establishing high quality schools and learning centers; and encouraging female participation in mainstream education in the under privileged areas of Pakistan. Quality schooling, modern curriculum, co-education, all-female faculty and public private partnership are few of the success factors of this schooling system.

TF School of Languages, offers Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German and Urdu languages across the country  through physical and online classes, using e-Learning platform. The native teachers provide high end language skills.  

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TF School of Skills (TF-SOS) was established 2013 with the aim of  empowering youth through employable skills. TF-SOS at Sui caters for training the young human resource and deploying them in entrepreneurship. The campus at Sui also has a production wings to meet the market needs and help generate employment in the region.  Though it caters for both men and women, yet the women folk is encouraged to avail the facility, get skilled and improve their livelihood. TF-SOS has launched a brand of BizPoor for its productions going in the market through e-commerce gateway.

Virtual University Campus established by Taaleem Foundation at Sui is the key intervention for providing higher education through distance learning in the remotest part of the country. It is considered as one of the best examples of public-private partnership. Thanks to Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) for providing support to launch this project and operationalize in 2016. 


  • TF School of Governance
  • TF School of Art & Culture
  • TF School of Fashion Design

Our Strengths

  • Serving the backward community
  • Nominal fee structure
  • High quality education
  • Financially self sustaining
  • Compatible curriculum
  • Co-education with all-female faculty 
  • 33 % girls enrollment 
  • Teaching of the Holy Quran
  • Culture sensitive environment 
  • Focus on character building
  • Regular teachers training
  • Use of innovative technologies 
  • 250 women employees on regular positions
  • The single largest NGO in rural Balochistan
  •  The biggest employer of graduate women in Balochistan development sector

Institutions History


Established No of Alumni
TFGS Kohlu 1989  
TFGS Zhob 1991  
TFGS Kila Saifullah 1992  
TFGS Loralai 1993  
TFGS Mastung 1993  
TFGS Muslim Bagh 1993  
TFGS Sui 1994  
TFGS Pishin 1994  
TF School of Skills 2013  
VU Campus 2016  

Gender Perspective

  • Male Students
  • Female Students

Our Staff

  • Men
  • Women

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