Geographical Outreach

Taaleem Foundation management proceeded to intervene in below mentioned thematic areas with sustainable palnning and maximum outreach:

  • Education: TF innovate and implement the educational solutions that allows children to develop the skills and confidence they need to strengthen their societies, break the cycle of poverty and build peace.
  • Climate Change: TF empower local communities to fight climate changes for sustainable development through effective mitigation at Hattian, one of the AJK district
  • Social Technology: TF provide excellence in social sector through optimal use of technology as it develop and deploy technological solutions for social well being.
  • Health & Hygiene: TF provides public health initiatives in mainstream development portfolio with a view to minimize risk of disease burden of Pakistan.
  • Skills & Livelihood: TF provides livelihood resources and capacities through agriculture solutions and entrepreneurship by introducing culturally appropriate technology based training and capacity building.
  • Community Empowerment: TF encourage community development through local participation for collective benefit and long lasting impact.
  • Gender Mainstreaming: TF prioritize gender empowerment as a cornerstone of its philosophy and make positive contribution towards creating the enabling environment.
  • Capacity Building: TF conducts capacity building programs to motivate and assist people in efficiently addressing local development needs, with the participation of all other stakeholders in the communities.
  • Teacher Trainings: TF special focused was to improve Teachers Skills though Trainings and Continuous Professional Development.

HEAD OFFICE: With its head office at Islamabad, TF is efficiently managing its field operations through a regional office at Quetta and working school offices at 8 locations.

TF has a strong outreach with proven and demonstrated capacity in the area and also has strong recent and prior experience of working in Baluchistan in education sector.

TF is operating 8 schools in remote Balochistan: Kohlu, Loralai, Killa Saifullah, Muslim Bagh, Zhob, Pishin, Mastung and Sui (Dera Bugi). TF has the track record of more than 20 years of providing services in education sector establishing, running and managing schools of formal and non-formal education.TF have vast experience of implementing community based education projects which improve the poverty status and educational level. Following is brief profile of each school.

  1. KOHLU: The first school of Taaleem Foundation network was established at Kohlu in 1989, comprising of 28 class rooms, computer room, science room and a number of on-campus staff residence.
  2. ZHOB: Established in 1991, TF Grammar School Zhob comprises of 20 classrooms, multi-purpose library, computer center, dispensary and adequate staff residence.
  3. LORALAI: TF School Loralai was established in 1993, comprises 18 classrooms, science lab, computer lab, administration block and an independent hostel for teachers.
  4. KILA SAIFULLAH: The school at Kila Saifullah was setup in 1992 at a distance of 60 kilometers from Loralai, 170 kilometers from Quetta and 170 kilometers from Zhob. The school is housed in a customized building constructed with the Japanese assistance. The present premises have 24 classrooms, computer lab, dispensary and adequate accommodation for staff.
  5. MUSLIM BAGH: TF Grammar School in Muslim Bagh is located only 120 kilometers from Quetta. The school has 20 rooms to impart knowledge to the students.
  6. MASTUNG: TF Grammar School at Mastung was established in 1993 and is located on RCD Highway at a distance of just 50 kilometers from Quetta. The school comprises 18 classrooms, auditorium, library, science, computer room and a separate administration block. New staff residences have been recently added. It is connected with Quetta and Karachi both by road and rail.
  7. SUI: TF School in Sui is located at just 50 kilometers from Kashmor, and 250 kilometers from DG Khan. It compromises 25 classrooms, multi-purpose hall, staff room, science lab, computer lab and teacher’s hostel. TF has established a model Vocational and Technical training Centre for girls in the School premises and a campus of Virtual University in neighborhood. The school has newly constructed staff residences.

PISHIN: TF Grammar School in Pishin was founded in 1994. It is only 50 kilometers away from Quetta. The building has 14 classrooms, a staff room and a multi-purpose hall. Moreover, it has two spacious house, four apartments and a 16 room hostel for unmarried staff.

Province # District
Khyber Pakhtunkha 1 D.I.Khan
2 Tank
3 Peshawar
Sindh 1 Karachi (Central)
2 Karachi (East)
3 Karachi (West)
Punjab 1 Toba Tek Singh
2 Lahore
Balochistan 1 Quetta
2 Loralai
3 Muslim bagh
4 Zhob
5 Pishin
6 Mastung
7 Sui
8 Killa Saifullah
ICT 1 Islamabad
AJK 1 Muzzafarabad
2 Hattian Bala

TAALEEM FOUNDATION has tremendously contributed to improve the governance system in education sector and set ton for other counterpart to be part of this initiative.  Taaleem Foundation (TAALEEM FOUNDATION) is among the first organizations to understand-truly- the significance of digitalization and technology to ensure education for all. It firmly believes that in order to achieve this aim, one should start from the most neglect part of the community. Taaleem Foundation has conceived, developed and launched a unique project for education, training and knowledge dissemination, providing opportunity to hundreds of people across the country to access high quality education & training through state of the art tools and technologies. The project creates a need for public to get on the bandwagon of Internet and digital age through education, training and interactivity. Through this proposition, Live Video connectivity is being established using IP publishing Nodes.

As part of our Vision 2020, we are moving towards technology-driven academic solution. Our new initiative called “e-School” is already offering e-School services to 10 schools since 2015, expanding to 100 schools in 2019 and to about 500 schools by 2020. The primary focus is to upgrade all schools and create personalized and meaningful experiences for all learners. That’s why we’re working on innovative learning tools. These tools keep learners engaged in taking advantage of the revolutionary ways in which they connect with instructors for online online interactive sessions, using e-Learning plaTaaleem Foundationorm.

TAALEEM FOUNDATION has tremendously contributed to improve the governance system in education sector and set the tone for other counterpart to be part of this initiative. TAALEEM FOUNDATION is implementing the Girl Right to Education Project funded by UNESCO and Govt. of Pakistan was launched in 2017 – a project that aims at supporting the government’s efforts in increasing access to and improving quality of girls education at the primary level. In this project, TAALEEM FOUNDATION is supporting to upgrade 130 schools of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) with its online interactive learning solution and online classes. TAALEEM FOUNDATION has also been mandated by the Federal Directorate of Education to roll out its ILS and e-School services in all 411 branches of Islamabad Model Schools, being operated by the Federal Government in ICT.

With this ambition, TAALEEM FOUNDATION began its efforts from Baluchistan by establishing 08 Grammar Schools which have become a community landmark. However, these schools did not cater for the entire provincial population; thereupon, the organization familiarized itself with the idea of e-learning and found its innovation solution: E-boards. 

E-boards are an online interactive learning method which is low-maintenance, non-rival and non-excludable- a perfect combination to make education a public good in Pakistan. The organization set up these boards in the community centers of the marginalized regions so that young or old, female or male can gain education with ease.

TAALEEM FOUNDATION creates the balance the organizations and government hopes to achieve. From gender equality, to single curriculum and equal right to education for all communities. This is what the organization hopes to achieve, and its journey has already started. By partnering with Center for Social Entrepreneurship, the organization will be able to move closer to its ultimate cause: “free and equal education for all”.

To achieve a world class standard in education it is imperative to have an improved and innovated modern tools and techniques for quality education. It is necessary to implement fast and reaction based governance into education sector. TAALEEM FOUNDATION 08 Grammar Schools, TAALEEM FOUNDATION’s flagship school program aimed at improving the particularly acute and chronic problem of illiteracy and low grass root development activity in the Balochistan province. Through these 08 schools TAALEEM FOUNDATION is helping local communities by providing formal quality education and covered 3160 students (Girls 1086, Boys 2074) were enrolled @ 34 % girls and 66 % Boys.