Taaleem Foundation Pre Qualified Vendor Pool

Taaleem Foundation (TF) is a professionally managed, PCP-certified, non-profit community support organization set up in 1989 by Dr Zafar Qadir who wanted to bring about positive social change through education in Balochistan. 30 years later, Taaleem Foundation is now an established development organization, working in the fields of education, healthcare, social mobilization, vocational skills, cultural heritage, surveys & analytics, climate change, biodiversity, renewable energy and developing / deploying technological applications for social sector solutions for integrated community development.

Taaleem foundation initiated the process of prequalification of Vendors to Execute the TF donor funded projects located in various regions of the country. The vendors were further categorized on the basis of the cost of the projects to be Executed.

Haqs 6110162405767
K.B Sarkar 4230138487031
Magnet Media 31362869
Dawn International 3740507609055
Aamar Printer 6110170423835
ABC Enterprises 6110117754837
Socio Engineering Technologies 75506141